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Digital Illustration

The variation in season creates an illusionistic effect on outdoor sports, making them appear vastly different from one another. However, I firmly believe they are interchangeable.


Purely from an aesthetic perspective, surfing, skiing, and climbing are very similar. The texture of thick granite, ripply water, and fluffy snow, all form similar shapes if color is taken out of the equation.


As well as the movements; skiing is down, climbing is up, and surfing is horizontal. And although the direction of the athlete is naturally opposing in each sport, there is a seamless connection between how these athletes go from point "A" to point "B." Side to side flowing, graceful footwork, and an overall beauty... when it is done right.

This is exactly what this creative poster series portrays. The idea that surfing, skiing, and climbing are in fact one in the same. Through a seamless connection in design, I was able to relate 

aggressiveness and grace, abstract the meaning of each sport, and incorporate a visual flow of engrained typography.

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