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Ridgefest is a ski festival that would take place annually in Whistler, BC. It is a place where skiers from around the world can come together with good music, equipment demos, slopestyle competitions, and much more. "Feel the music, hear the snow."

Shown here is a digital poster for the event, followed by the scannable lift tickets, and a ski collab. The design process was very specific because I wanted to capture a particular look and feel. Since the event would take place in the spring, I wanted to use spring colors, subtle typography, and minimal contrasting elements. However this was difficult because the logo, the vector graphic, and the sponsors were all heavily contrasting elements at first. The way I helped relate the three together was through a minimalist approach, and basic colors. For the sponsors, the opacity was low, and for the logo, the middle section was pushed out. That way, the vector graphic can do most of the heavy lifting, with the remainder of the elements coexisting in the environment that surrounds it.

Ridgefest Ski Pass (Saturday).png
Ridgefest Ski Pass (Weekend).png
Ridgefest Ski Pass (Sunday).png
Ridgefest Skis.png
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