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PatFromLastYear is the artist project of Massachusetts based EDM producer Patrick Goss. Having not learned any music instruments nor receiving any technical musical training growing up, Pat jumped head first into electronic music production at 20 years old as a sophomore in college at UMass Amherst.


Pat takes heavy inspirations from artists like ILLENIUM, Dabin, and Said The Sky, mixing emotional melodies with huge 

Future Bass style drops. Having started his musical journey from ground zero almost 3 years ago, Pat has quickly broken ground releasing official remixes for artists such as Beatcore, Lost Identities, Nytrix and more. Pat has received support from labels like Atlantic, Simplify, Stardust, and AirwaveMusic. But, this is only the beginning for PatFromLastYear with more remixes and originals always on the way.

This final logo was the foundation for all of the branding concepts that were later used in other digital assets.

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