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"Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated." - Paul Rand

THE LATS CREATIVE was founded on the idea that simple design can have a complex meaning. Often when you look at a typographic layout, you see words, and not the design. In other instances, you see the design, and not the words. Finding the perfect balance between the concept and the text, is the foundation of good design.

It's like an elegant ballroom dance routine. The dance can only be elegant if the two dancers are in sync. If one person is trying to take over, they begin stepping on toes, misreading the flow, and disrupting the harmony. Much like a typographic layout, if one element is overpowering, you focus on that one element, and neglect the finer details.

And that is precisely what we value at THE LATS CREATIVE. Simple, yet creative designs, with more complex meanings. Good design starts with a concept. Once that concept is solidified, other elements like the flow of the piece, and even the entirety of the brand will come through in a graceful and subtle way. Concept dictates what will work, and what won't. It is the conductor in the orchestra, and the coach on the field. Without concept, chaos will prevail. However if your concept is solidified, it is easier to dictate the chaos.


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